Made in Cleveland, Ohio

What happens when you lose your job in the financial industry to pursue your dream of owning and operating a restaurant?

Pizza (216) happens.

Johnny Lis began honing his entrepreneurial skills over 15 years ago while still in high school – building a business  for the first time in a home car detailing business. Later, studied different areas of business and finance, then went on to make his mark in the business world… but he could never shake the idea of once again owning a business together.

With a passion for great food and a strong foundation of business savvy, Johnny has finally found a way to make that idea a reality – not just for him but for the city of Cleveland.

“I was ready to bring great pizza to a great city.”

“I am extremely excited to share my dream with the city of Cleveland and look forward to being a positive representation of this city and its people in everything we do.”
 “Everything here tastes better. Our ingredients are fresher, our combinations more thoughtful and our dedication to creating a superior pizza experience surpasses other pies out there.”
 -Johnny Lis, Founder